Pregnancy & Early Human Development

Human Life begins at fertilization and every individual that is created is unique, irreplaceable and equally valuable,

regardless of his/her age or ability, whether born or unborn.


This educational presentation is designed to give an overview of the Miracle of Life before Birth, including beautiful pictures and videos. The audience learns fun and interesting facts about fetal development, labor and delivery. If requested, a medical explanation of abortion procedures and possible physical and emotional risks and side effects is given. We firmly believe that education on these important topics is key 


Learn about and if requested, a medical explanation of abortion procedures as well as possible physical and emotional effects of abortion as well as    Development of the child in the womb is shared in a beautiful and uplifting way. Life in the womb is fascinating and students learn that regardless of how the child is conceived, what it looks like or what it can do, it is special and deserves to live just like the rest of us. 

"There has never been, nor will there ever be, 

               another person just like me."