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AT THE AGE OF 24, I FOUND MYSELF IN A PRETTY BAD POSITION. I was the single mother of a 2 1/2 year old son, had already experienced an abortion, in the throes of a relationship break-up, a part-time student and a woman battling alcohol and chemical dependency. One evening I experienced what I could only assume was a miscarriage and ended up at the hospital.


I was in a state of shock, wasn’t aware I had even been pregnant as I was taking birth control pills regularly. After an ultrasound, the doctor told me that I had two babies in two separate sacks and that by looking at the position of baby #2; chances of survival were about 50%. I was away from God, away from my church at the time and the only family and support I had looked at my financial and emotional situation and had one solution for me... ABORTION. I fell into thinking that was my only way out as my relationship with the father was over. I called Planned Parenthood in Fresno and was on my way that week, as I was already almost 3 months pregnant.


Along the freeway as I looked out the window of the car (I believe it was around Traver), I saw a sign that jumped out at me. It simply said ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART. It was then, and only then that something in my being awakened and I told my girlfriend to turn the car around, I wasn’t going. I thank God everyday for that sign, because my baby girl did make it. Today she is the most beautiful, sweet 18 year old girl I could ever have imagined. 


When she was 16, she also became pregnant, unplanned and in a very rocky relationship. Once again the enemy tried to infiltrate our family and kept telling her the answer was abortion. This time I was ready.... I was sober, I was a dedicated member of my church and I was going to fight for my grandbabys life. I prayed, I had my family and my church pray, I tried talking to her, I even told her how horrible abortion was and told her about my experience.... it seemed like the end when she called me to tell me she made an appointment to abort. Refusing to give up I reached out to my church’s youth leader who linked me with a wonderful woman from Right to Life. She was on the outside, a complete stranger to my daughter, but my daughter agreed to meet with her. It is because of that woman and because of God's plan.... that I have a beautiful 2 year old grandson today. Even though it still grieves me to think of the child I do not have due to a previous abortion, I am comforted by the promises of God that I will be reunited with that child someday. I thank him every day for the right choices and know without any doubt, He forgives me for the wrong choices. That experience has led me to gently share and intervene in several instances. That experience has heightened my awareness to open my eyes and see how even Christians can get dragged into the grips of ABORTION.


If I hadn’t made the right choice, I wouldn’t have her, if she hadn’t made the right choice, I wouldn’t have my grandson. Never do I underestimate the power of people to change lives. One person (a complete stranger) willing to take time, away from her whole family even. And the people who contributed funds to create a simple billboard sign..... Life changing... Thank You Right to Life.



Visalia CA



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