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Calendar of Events

Volunteering is fun and easy. Help distribute materials at a booth or tag along during a presentation.

                                                                 TO LEARN MORE, CONTACT MARI.

                          Every outreach is an opportunity to touch hearts,
                 change minds and save lives. YOU can make a difference!


-MONDAY 8th: Speaking at St. Anthony, Farmersville.
-TUESDAY 9th: Speaking at St. Anthony, Farmersville.
-SUNDAY 14th: Speaking at St. Rita's, Tulare.
-SATURDAY 20th: Attending OneLife LA, Los Angeles.
-TUESDAY 23rd: Speaking at St. La Salle School, Reedley.
-WEDNESDAY 24th: Speaking at CIA lunch club at Kingsburg High School, Kingsburg.

-SUNDAY 18th: Speaking at Holy Family, Kingsburg.

-SUNDAY 18th: Speaking at St. Ritas, Tulare.

-SUNDAY 18th: Speaking at St. Lucy's, Fowler.

-SATURDAY 24th: Booth & Speaking at Spanish Congress, Orosi.

-MONDAY 26th: Pro-Life Outreach at C.O.S. campus, Visalia.

-TUESDAY 27th: Pro-Life Outreach at C.O.S. campus, Visalia.


-WEDNESDAY 7th: Speaking at Trinity United Reformed Church, Visalia.


-SATURDAY 14th: Tulare-Kings Right to Life LifeWALK, Booth at Iris Festival, Visalia.

-THURSDAY 19th: Booth at Step-Up El Monte Middle School, Orosi. 

-SATURDAY 21st: Booth at Children's Conference, Visalia.

-SATURDAY 28th: Booth at Iris Festival, Porterville.

-SUNDAY 29th: Booth at Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Farmersville. 


-FRIDAY 4th: Booth at Health Fair, Woodlake.

-SATURDAY 5th: Booth at Cinco de Mayo event, Visalia.

-WEDNESDAY 16th: Booth at Health Fair, Goshen.

-SATURDAY 19th: Booth at Good Shepherd Pro-Life Ministry Dinner, St. Mary's, Visalia. 


-SUNDAY 24th: Booth at  Visalia Health & Wellness Expo, Visalia. 

-TUESDAY 26th: Volunteer Training, Visalia. 


-THURSDAY 19th: Booth at Back to School event, Tulare. 

-SATURDAY 21st: Presentation at St. Isidore Catholic Church, Orange Cove. 

-THURSDAY 26th: Booth at Tachi Palace Mini Expo, Lemoore. 

-TUESDAY 31st: Volunteer Training, Visalia. 


-FRIDAY 3rd: Booth at Visalia Rawhide Stadium, Visalia.

-SUNDAY 5th: Hispanic Women In Business, Visalia Rawhide Stadium, Visalia. 

-SUNDAY 12th: Booth at Health & Safety Fair, Orosi. 


-SATURDAY 8th: Let There Be Life Conference, Berkeley.

-WEDNESDAY 12th: Booth at Senior Center Open House, Visalia.

-THURSDAY 13th: Booth at Latinas in Business event, Porterville.

-FRIDAY 14th: Booth at Farmers Market, Avenal.

-SUNDAY 16th: Booth at Grace Community Missions Fair, Visalia.

-MONDAY 17th: Presentation at Family Education Center, Cutler.

-THURSDAY 20th: Booth at Eagle Mountain Casino Employee Health Fair, Porterville.

-FRIDAY 21st: Attending Hispanic Heritage Event, Tulare.

-SATURDAY 22nd: Booth at Zumbathon, Dinuba.

-THURSDAY 27th: Booth at Mulit-Cultural Fair, Visalia.

-SATURDAY 29th: Booth at Raisin Day Festival, Dinuba.


-SATURDAY 6th: Booth at Love to Wear Pink event, Tulare. 

-SATURDAY 6th: Booth at Fall Festival, Tulare. 

-WEDNESDAY 10th: Booth at Porterville College Health Fair, Porterville.

-FRIDAY 12th: Booth at Diocesan Congress, Visalia. 

-SATURDAY 13th: Booth at Diocesan Congress, Visalia. 

-WEDNESDAY 17th: Booth at College Health Fair, Visalia. 

-FRIDAY 26th: Presentation at College of the Sequoias, Visalia. 


-FRIDAY 2nd: Booth at Farmworker Women's Conference, Visalia. 

-SATURDAY 3rd: Parent Presentation at Lighthouse Church, Armona. 

-TUESDAY 13th: Presentation at Mt. Whitney High School, Visalia. 


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